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About Comapny

We along with your esteemed self, believe in the reality of the two woodcutters & their axes'. The one who sharpened his axe regularly delivered better and smoothly while the other one failed and frustrated gradually. All enterprises or individuals need to sharpen their axe as a binding phenomenon. While delivering, we tax ourselves mentally too,

Training is a phenomenon to keep oneself sharp. We Arrange Trainings is a training provisioning company dedicated to serve enterprises which can benefit by increasing human efficiency. Ideology is simple; Sharpen your axe. We have an in house training team to serve you the best and We arrange trainers from diverse expertise as per the need of our esteemed clients.

About The Founder

Mr. Kapil Kumar

He has a diverse experience across industries rich in human resources. His core competencies have been sales, marketing, organisational growth and training. This vivid exposure of seventeen years makes him understand the organisational structure well. He is well versed in establishing new business set ups and scaling up the existing ones.

Kapil's success comes from his ability to get the best out of people i.e. increasing their efficiency. This happens with his right training. He has an eye for understanding people, their needs and capabilities. With a tremendously successful track record he realized his abilities to inspire, encourage and create achievers and trendsetters.

Realising his utility, he chose to help more and more people and enterprises achieve greater success.

High repute organisations as mentioned in the clients section have been benefiting for more than eight years.